Health 2022: a whole programme

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Health: a priority for the French

As France is facing a period of increased health vigilance with the arrival of a fifth wave of Covid-19, health has become a top societal issue. In fact, health and the hospital are a major challenge for 9 out of 10 French people, and more than two-thirds of voters say it will be a key factor in their vote in the next presidential election. However, 8 out of 10 French people believe that the issue of health and access to care is not currently being sufficiently addressed by candidates in the campaign.

Based on the reports of its Health program and more than 400 interviews with public and private actors, the Montaigne Institute highlights four priorities for the next five-year term, focusing on the role of patients in the healthcare system, technological and therapeutic innovation, the governance of the healthcare sector, and prevention policies to be prioritized in mental health and healthy aging.

The four priorities:

  • Priority #1: Involving patients in the healthcare system
  • Priority #2: Betting on health innovation
  • Priority #3: Rethinking the governance of our healthcare system
  • Priority #4: Strengthening prevention policies in the face of two major challenges: mental health and healthy aging

Find the analyses and priorities of the Montaigne Institute:

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