[metje] n.m. Professions, technical skills characterized by a specificity requiring learning and experience. Public affairs, corporate and executive communication, social and internal communication. Tailor-made.

Public Affairs

Public affairs subjects are always hybrid: on one side, they represent an organization’s interests, and on another, those of its competitors, public officials, or an NGO’s. 

Our strategy: we find the meeting point between public interest and private interests, we propose solutions, we find compromises, and we push the debate forward. 

Our method: build substantial, written, and structured argumentaries; use them as support for our advocacy with stakeholders; adapt to crises when they take place; ensure the follow-up, until we obtain the desired results.

Our deliverables
  • Political, legislative, and regulatory monitoring
  • Survey, mapping and analysis of power dynamics
  • Arguments and referenced white notes
  • Ad hoc studies
  • Litigation support and conciliation strategy
  • Co-construction of legislative and regulatory solutions
  • Meeting preparations and coaching

Corporate & Executive Communication

Organizations are now more open and have to deal with an increased flow of information that is increasingly harder to control. Their reputation depends on the quality of their internal and external communication. 

Communication needs to be oriented towards employees, less top-down, and more open to the exterior, with less corporate language. This approach gives meaning to the company’s strategy and creates more favorable conditions for a better collaboration among teams. It is also this approach that contributes to a better reputation in the long run. 

Our deliverables
  • Corporate communication: audit and benchmarking, monitoring and stakeholders mapping, 360° communications planning, media relations, social media, crisis management
  • Executive communication: speechwriting, thought leadership, institutional and media meeting plans, media trainings, executive LinkedIn support 
  • Branding and reputation management: brand platform ; corporate storytelling and related productions. 

Social & Internal Communication

Agile methods, liberated companies, freelancing, nudge: all successful methods symptomatic of a true change. We now know that the highest-performing start-ups and companies innovate as much in their business model as in their social one, with no fear of drifting away from tradition. 

To allow themselves to succeed in the long run, companies have to understand workers’ new aspirations, and they have to dare to change their corporate culture, their managerial practices, as well as their working methods… sometimes, they even have to accept restructuring.

Our deliverables
  • Internal communications: internal communication strategy, drafting and producing deliverables (with partnerships with creative agencies)
  • Crisis communication: PMO of restructuring processes, mergers and acquisitions, preparations of all key deliverables, coordination with internal stakeholders, establishment of links with public officials and administration representatives, and management of internal and external communication
  • HR and social relations communication: communication strategy with syndicate organizations and elected officials ; internal and external communication (HR directors and CEOs on key issues such as work organization and talent management)
  • Social innovation and expertise: decrypting the labor market’s tendencies, internal audits, supporting the deployment of social measures, innovative HR

Our expertises

We will support you in sectors such as healthcare, retail, human resources, and many others…

Our team

Pergamon’s consultants are experts in their subjects and geeks in argumentation and influence strategy.