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About us ?

Since 2017, Pergamon has been innovating in the field of public affairs and strategic communications consulting. We put a unique method at the service of your subjects, implemented by a team of dedicated expert consultants. 

Our two key words: ethics and efficiency.

Our references.

Angelini Pharma, Amgen, Association des Plateformes d’Indépendants (API), AstraZeneca, BASF, Boehringer Ingelheim, BVA, Eduservices,

Fondation Roche, FnacDarty, France Billet, Gouach, Les Entreprises du Médicament (LEEM), Medtronic,

Montrouge Habitat, MSD, Nostrum Care, Novartis, Opco EP, PicwicToys, Randstad, RTE,

Sakowin, Staffme, Saint-Gobain, Sorap, Stuart, UMIH, WeTechCare, Zôdio, etc.

A scientific and ethical approach combined with a promise of excellence and creativity


We read a lot and we read everything. From reports (financial, scientific, etc.), to articles (press, scholarly, legal), to political and philosophical essays… we even read your tweets. 

We keep watch and we listen: our clients, their clients, those who work with them, those who would like to work with them, those who govern them, those who admire them, and those who contest them.


We like realistic recommendations that change the game. 

We take the time to pinpoint the problem. Our recommendations always come from solid and well-researched reasoning. Our advice binds us and we follow it through. 


We reconcile language with data to translate complex issues into intelligible ideas. 

We believe that clear ideas, well-chosen words, and solid concepts are a sign of respect and efficiency in all circumstances.


We experiment with new approaches with our clients, developing new skills and favoring singular solutions, innovative ideas, and aesthetic content when needed. 

We train ourselves as soon as possible and look for competent partners, whether it be designers, developers, journalists, researchers, or lawyers. 

Our publications.

Pergamon’s consultants are all experts in their fields and are capable of showcasing their knowledge in their briefs, interviews, articles, and reports. Our firm’s activity is therefore defined by a regular production of content with strong added value, in the form of confidential documents for our clients or publications for think tanks such as the Institut de l’Entreprise and Institut Montaigne.  

Pergamon is pleased to contribute to this note from the Institut Montaigne, which proposes four major priorities in the field of health for the next five years.
Pergamon is pleased to contribute to this note from the Institut Montaigne, which proposes four major priorities in the field of health for the next five years. [...]

The ill-timed tweet of Total’s boss

Good Com' Bad Com': a look back at Patrick Pouyanné's (TotalEnergies) 52% salary increase. Geoffroy Daignes and Alexis Abeille's point of view in Stratégies.

Family is now more important than work

Charles de Froment was the guest of Le Figaro to answer Armelle Favre's questions on the concept of the "big resignation".
Les candidats aux législatives de la majorité présidentielle, à Aubervilliers, le 10 mai.

Uncertainty, indifference and politics

On the eve of the second round of legislative elections, Geoffroy, Director of Consulting, and Alexis, Senior Consultant, share their thoughts with Libération on the communication strategies of French political parties and their impact on democratic life.

Meet our team.

For every project, a curated team 

We take the time to identify, train, and maintain top-notch talents to always guarantee quality work. 

Our clients meet every consultant mobilized on their missions, and we remain completely transparent on the work distribution among team members.