[pɜːrɡəmɒn] n.p. (from Pergamon, ancient Greek city in Asia Minor). Consulting firm created in 2017. Public affairs, communications, innovation, and social relations services. Expert, creative, and autonomous consultants. Attachment to scientific reasoning and to methods inspired by social sciences. Preference for clear ideas that inform audiences and enrich the discussion.


Our manifesto

There were once power plays. 

In this Madmen or Baron Noir-like fable, decision-makers were seduced by well-spoken intermediaries. There were once communication campaigns in 4:3 that fascinated the masses. In companies, employees adhered to top-down injunctions brought on by traditional internal communication methods. 

Then, the mirage dissipated and those myths lost their appeal. 

Companies are now urged to act responsibly, pushed by climate change, and circumvented by new forms of communication and horizontal mobilization. They can no longer hide behind mainstream corporate communications. They have to act publicly and showcase transparency. In this new world, while it has become easier to speak, it is harder than ever to be heard. 

We believe this context imposes a deep transformation of consulting careers in communications and public affairs. 

When a crisis occurs, it is no longer sufficient to deal with media frenzies and political emergencies and to defend corporate interests. In a universe dominated by the short-term and by emotion, our role as consultants is to guarantee to our clients a complete mastery of their messages in a durable and solid way. Our goals: to help our clients accelerate their own transformation and to showcase their contribution to building a better world. 

To keep our promise:

– We bring creative, original, and substantial content.
We combine industry expertise with sectoral knowledge to bring real value in our counsel. We bring together public affairs, internal, external, and social communications, in sectors as various as healthcare, environment, energy or human resources, and make high-value recommendations. This approach allows us to create real value through consulting.  

– We are your argumentation strategists.
We simplify complex issues and make them into clear, structured, and intelligible ideas, in formats adaptable to your stakeholders: reports, position papers, white papers, or LinkedIn posts. Our main preoccupation: the power of the message delivered. 

– We identify every stakeholder. We expand your network.
We pinpoint all of your stakeholders and their positions, whether they are executives, senior officials, researchers, employees, personnel representatives, or even NGO members. We identify those who are likely to make an impact by accounting for their position, their previous engagements, and their combats. 

– We are organized, and we follow through with our recommendations.
We are aware that our field is only useful when we get concrete results. That is why our support covers the operational execution of our clients’ strategies, and that is why we are only satisfied when they succeed in making a change.

Our team

For every project, we build a curated team, as it is our primary resource.

Our publications

Pergamon’s consultants are experts in their subjects and geeks in argumentation and in influence strategy.