Pergamon and 19N are pleased to announce they have entered into a strategic partnership, combining Pergamon and 19N’s public affairs & tech policy consulting experience in France and Spain.

Pergamon and 19N are two public policy consultancy firms specialized in digital economy governance and the future of work. We share a common vision about fostering policy innovation through public-private collaboration. We also share the same approach with regards to our clients: We help companies to strengthen their business models with a good understanding of their relationship with governments and the public opinion. We give them insights on future regulations and on how to anticipate major shifts in their legal, social or economic environment.

Over 30 Clients from the digital and technological sectors, as well as firms and organization facing complex public policy challenges, trust us with their public affairs and communication strategies and policies.
The partnership will allow both firms to work together with dedicated expertise in France and Spain. We will provide the best localized support for our clients, create a shared platform of best practices and ideas in the board field of the Digital Economy Governance and a special training service for C-level executives from Spain getting a job in France and the other way around.

With this agreement, we strengthen the relationship between Paris and Barcelona tech communities thanks to the work of two unique agencies. Our teams will work together to deliver the best service and results to our clients and partners by bringing the two cities closer together.
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Par Pierre-François Jan
septembre 2019, Institut Montaigne

Par Charles de Froment et Faustine Pô
avril 2019, Institut Montaigne